7th Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)

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7th Infantry Brigade 歩兵第七旅団 Hohei Dai Nana Ryodan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
21 May 1885 Maj General Oku Yasukata Cdr, 2nd Grd Inf Regiment Cdr, 1st Grd Inf Brigade
10 Jul 1886
29 Nov 1894 Maj General Okubo Haruno CoS, 2nd Division Cdr, 1st Grd Inf Brigade
10 Dec 1897
8 Seot 1904 Maj General Sunaga Takeyoshi CoS, 9th Division Cdr, 1st Taiwan Def Mixed Brigade
8 Apr 1905 Maj General Nitahara Shigeyuki 4th class, Cadet Chief of Staff, 5th Division Cdr, Indep Defense Unit
1 Apr 1909
30 Nov 1910 Maj General Kawai Misao 8th class, Cadet Chief, Inf Sect, MA Bu, Ministry of Army Dir, Pers Bu, Ministry of Army
12 Apr 1912