Derfflinger class battlecruisers (German, 1913)

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Displacement: 26,180t normal (Lützow 26,318t); 30,700t deep load
Dimensions: 210.4m oa x 29.0m x 8.3m mean, 9.5m mean at deep load
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons turbines, 18 Schulz-Thornycroft boilers, 63,000shp = 26.5kts. Coal 3640t, oil 985t. Range 5600nm at 14kts
Armour: Belt 300mm-100mm (12in-4in), bulkheads 250mm-100mm (10in-4in), battery 150mm (6in), barbettes 260mm-30mm (10.2in-1.2in), turrets 270mm-80mm (10.7in-3.2in), CT 350mm-80mm (14in-3.2in)
Armament: 8-30.5cm (12in) SKL/50 (4x2), 12-15cm (5.9in) SKL/45, 4-8.8cm (3.45in) SKL/45, 4-50cm (19.7in) TT sub (Lützow 14-15cm, no 8.8cm, 4-60cm (23.6in) TT sub)
Complement: 1112 (1391 at Jutland)


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Derfflinger Blohm & Voss, Hamburg 1912.01 1913.07.01 1914.11 1919.06.21 Scuttled
Lützow Schichau, Danzig 1912.05 1913.11.29 1916.03 1916.06.01 Sunk at North Sea during the Battle of Jutland