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Vice Admiral (ret.) Doshita Tetsuro 堂下哲郎 (November 1959 - ) is a Japanese Maritime Self Defense officer.


date rank title job
March 1983 Joined Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
July 1996 Commander
January 2001 Captain
August 2002 Staff, Operation Support Section, Maritime Staff Office / Attendant, J5, Joint Staff Council
March 2003 Leader, 2nd Operation Support Division, Operation Support Section, Maritime Staff Office / Attendant, JMSDF Command and Staff College
August 2004 Commanding Officer, Escort Division 8
July 2005 Senior Staff for Planning, J5, Joint Staff Council / Leader, Control Division, J5, Joint Staff Council
27 Mar 2006 Chief, Defense Section, Planning Department, Joint Staff Office
3 Jul 2007 Rear Admiral Chief of Staff, Fleet Escort Force
1 Dec 2008 Commander, Escort Flotilla 3
29 Mar 2010 Superintendent, JMSDF Officer Candidate School
5 Aug 2011 Inspector, Inspector General Office of Legal Compliance
26 Jul 2012 Chief of Staff, Self Defense Fleet
14 Oct 2014 Vice Admiral Commandant, Maizuru District
1 Dec 2015 Commandant, Yokosuka District
22 Dec 2016 retired

military assignment
Preceded by
Inoue Chikara
Commandant, Maizuru District
14 Oct 2014 - 1 Dec 2015
Succeeded by
Kikuchi Satoshi
Preceded by
Inoue Chikara
Commandant, Yokosuka District
1 Dec 2015 - 22 Dec 2016
Succeeded by
Doman Seiichi