Louise Mountbatten, Queen of Sweden

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Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Mountbatten (born Princess Louise of Battenberg, 1889.7.13 - 1965.3.7)

Titles and styles

  • 1889.7.13-1917.7.14 Her Serene Highness Princess Louise of Battenberg
  • 1917.7.14-1917.11.7 Miss Louise Mountbatten
  • 1917.11.7-1923.11.3 The Lady Louise Mountbatten
  • 1923.11.3-1950.10.29 Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Sweden
  • 1950.10.29-1965.3.7 Her Majesty The Queen of Sweden




issues and descendants

  • ♀Stillborn daughter (1925.5.30)