Queen Mary class battlecruiser (RN, 1912)

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Displacement: 26,770t load; 31,650t deep load
Dimensions: 214.4m oa × 27.1m × 8.5m
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons turbines, 42 Yarrow boilers, 75,000shp = 27½kts. Coal 3600t, oil 1170t. Range 5610nm at 10kts
Armour: 9in-4in (230mm-100mm) belt, 4in (100mm) bulkhead, 9in-3in (230mm-75mm) barbettes, 9in (230mm) turret faces, 10in (250mm) CT, 2½in-1in (65mm-25mm) decks
Armament: 8-13.5in (34.3cm)/45cal Mk V (4×2), 16-4in (10.2cm)/50cal Mk VII, 4-3pdr (47mm), 2-21in (53.3cm) TT sub (beam)
Complement: 997


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Queen Mary Palmers 6 Mar 1911 20 Mar 1912 Aug 1913 31 May 1916 sunk at North Sea during the Battle of Jutland