Worcester class light cruisers (USN, CL-144)

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Worcester class light cruisers


Displacement: (Worcester) 14,700t standard (design). 17,997t full load
Dimensions: 202.39m wl, 207.11m oa × 21.54m × 7.54m full load
Machinery: 4-shaft General Electric turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 120,000shp = 33kts. Oil 2400t, range 8000nm at 15kts
Armour: Belt 5in-3in with 3.5in armour deck and 1in weather deck, bulkheads 4in, barbettes 5in, turrets 6.5in face, 4in roof, 2in-3in side and rear
Armament: 12-6in/47 (6 twins), 24-3in/50 (11 twins, 2 singles), 12-20mm (6 twins)
Complement: 1401


No Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
CL-144 Worcester New York SB 29 Jan 1945 4 Feb 1947 25 Jun 1948 1 Dec 1970 stricken
CL-145 Roanoke New York SB 15 May 1945 16 Jun 1947 4 Apr 1948 22 Feb 1972 sold for BU
CL-146 Vallejo New York SB 11 Aug 1945 cancelled
CL-147 Gary New York SB 11 Aug 1945 cancelled