Osaka Guard District (Japanese Navy)

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Osaka Guard District 大阪警備府 Osaka Keibifu


Commander-in-chief, Osaka Guard District

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 20 Nov 1941 Vice Admiral Kobayashi Masami 38th class, NA Dir, Hydrographic Command Att, NGS
2 9 Mar 1943 Vice Admiral Makita Kakusaburo 38th class, NA CinC, 1st CE Fleet CinC, Maizuru District
3 1 Apr 1944 Vice Admiral Ono Ichiro 38th class, NA Att, NGS Att, NGS
4 1 Nov 1944 Vice Admiral Oka Arata 40th class, NA Att, NGS Att, MoN
15 Nov 1945 Rear Admiral Matsuzaki Akira 43rd class, NA CoS, Osaka Guard District reserve acting, 30 Nov 1945 abolished